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Clinton High School Bands


THURSDAY, MAY 26th – (5:30 OR 7:00 PM) – pick one
FRIDAY, MAY 27th - (5:30 OR 7:00 PM) – pick one! 

PLEASE ONLY ATTEND 1 OF THE 4 MEETING TIMES, this is set so it is easier on the schedules of parents.  


 Wednesday, May 11th - Trimester III Bands Concert - @Vernon Cook Theater.  7:00P.M. - Senior Night - Senior parents are asked to attend.  

Monday, May 16th - CHS Bands Awards Potluck - Eagle Point Lodge 6:30pm.  Please bring 1 cold and 1 warm dish to share and table service for your family.


Summer  Band Camp 2015 - Summer Band Camp is always an exciting time.  Most importantly we take the time to build a sense of family and pride for our school.  WAY TO GO KINGS AND QUEENS!!!

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