Audition Materials:  Click the link below to access the music and audition information for the Bix Youth Jazz Band.  



     JAZZ BAND 2016            AUDITION PIECE


 ALL Students signed up for Jazz Band will play the below excerpt in order to determine band placement and part  assignment.  Do your BEST!



​                INSTRUCTIONS:  

                              1a.  Copy and Paste the link into your favorite web browser

​                              1.  Scroll down to the song "Kissimmee Blues"

​                              2.  Find the appropriate play along track - Horns means ALL WIND players - Not french horn (lol)  Use that one

                              3.  Guitar and Bass find your example in the listing

                              4.  The play-along will NOT have your part, it is a play along, so you will get rhythm only.  It will match up though with the clicks.

                              5.  PIANO PLAYERS - YOUR example is the "Straight No Chaser" example, which is 1 example BELOW the Kissimmee Blues.


Jazz Bands Schedule

    *Rehearsal DAily from 7:00 - 7:45 A.M.*

January 27th   - 7:00 P.M. - "Night of Jazz" - Clinton High School Commons Area

February 24th - 7:00 P.M. - "Evening at the RME" (River Music Experience)  - Davenport, IA


Jazz Bands/Royal Blues/FREE FOOD 2

JAZZ BAND – TRIMESTER – 2 – Early Bird (7:10 – 7:50) M - F

Grade: 9, 10, 11, 12    Trimesters: 1   Credits:  .5

Prerequisites:  Instructor Approval/Currently enrolled in a performing ensemble. (Band, Choir, Orchestra)
Course Description:  Jazz Band is a non-auditioned ensemble open to students interested in the study and performance of jazz instrumental literature.  The opportunity for jazz combo is also available as per the instructor.  Jazz style, pedagogy, listening, and analysis will be covered.  At home listening work will be required for this course.  Listening to jazz music is a large portion of what is included in this class.  To participate, you must be able to perform on a like jazz instrument such as the following:  Trumpet, Saxophone (Any type), Trombone, Guitar(Must be able to read written notation – NO tab), bass guitar (NO tab), Drumset (Must read written notation), Piano, Auxiliary Percussion, tuba.  Literature selected will focus on both current and past idioms of Jazz Music.  Swing, Be-Bop, Rock, Latin, and Rhythm and Blues styles will all be discussed and performed.  Daily Practice is expected in this course.  This course does NOT meet the fine arts graduation requirement.


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